Corn Publication Series

Rural Economy and Society in North-Western Europe, 500-2000

CORN Publication Series

General Editorial Board

Erik Thoen (UGent)
Eric Vanhaute (UGent)
Isabelle Devos (UGent)
Leen Van Molle (KULeuven)
Yves Segers (KULeuven)
Eric Aerts (KULeuven)

Volumes Published

Vol. 1. E. Thoen, L. Van Molle (eds.)
Rural history in the North Sea area. An overview of recent research (Middle Ages - beginning twentieth century), 2006

Vol 2. E. Thoen, B.J.P. van Bavel (eds.)
Land Productivity and Agro-systems in the North Sea Area (Middle Ages - 20th Century). Elements for Comparison, 1999

Vol 3. I. Devos, L. Kennedy (eds.)
Marriage and Rural Economy. Western Europe since 1400, 1999

Vol 4. P. Hoppenbrouwers, J. Luiten van Zanden (eds.)
Peasants into Farmers?
The transformation of rural economy and society in the Low Countries (Middle Ages - 19th century) in light of the Brenner debate, 2001.

Vol 5. P. Hoppenbrouwers, B. van Bavel, eds.
Landholding and Land Transfer in the North Sea Area (Late Middle Ages - 19th Century), 2004

Vol 6. B. Blondé, M. Galand, E. Vanhaute (eds.)
Labour and labour markets between town and countryside (Middle Ages - 19th century), 2001

Vol 7. P. Scholliers, L. Van Molle, C. Sarasua (eds.)
Land, Shops and Kitchens: Technology and the Food Chain in Twentieth-Century Europe , 2005

Vol 8. M. De Moor, P. Warde, L. Shaw-Taylor (eds.)
The management of common land in north west Europe, c. 1500-1850.

Vol 9. R. Paping, E. Vanhaute, C. O Grada (eds.)
When the Potato Failed. Causes and Effects of the Last European Subsistence Crisis, 1845-1850, 2007.

Vol 10. B. van Bavel, P. Schofield , (eds.)
The development of leasehold in northwestern Europe, c. 1200 – 1600, 2009.

Vol 11. Y. Segers, J. Bieleman, E. Buyst (eds.)
Exploring the food chain. Food production and food processing in Western Europe, 1850-1990, 2009.

Vol 12. T. Lambrecht, P. R Schofield (eds.)
Credit and the rural economy in North-western Europe, c. 1200-c. 1850, 2009.

Rural Economy and Society in North-Western Europe, 500-2000

General Editorial Board

Erik Thoen (UGent)
Leen Van Molle (KULeuven)
Eric Vanhaute (UGent)
Yves Segers (KULeuven)
Bas van Bavel (Univ. Utrecht)

Volumes Published

Vol. 1. B.J.P. Van Bavel, R.W. Hoyle(eds.)
Social Relations: Property and Power, 2010

More info: see here

Vol 2. E. Vanhaute, I. Devos, T. Lambrecht(eds.)
Making a living: Family, Income and Labour, 2011

CORN Comparative Rural History of The North Sea Area